HBYC Welcomes New Members

Harvey Rickert and all of the HBYC Membership extend a warm welcome to our newest members.

  • Joe and Paula Weiland. They are located at Battery Park and sail Grace a Catalina 38.

  • Ike and Mary Kershaw. They are also located at Battery Park and sail Elixir a Tartan 37.

Welcome aboard!

Commodore's Brunch Recap

by Commodore Harvey Rickert

I wanted to provide a brief update for those unable to attend the HBYC’s Commodore’s Brunch held at CIC (Catawba Island Club) on  Sunday April 7, 2019. The event was arranged by  Rear Commodore Tim Kemerly and his wife Effie. They selected a wonderful venue for our Commodore’s Brunch;  the food was presented well and was extremely good. The CIC Club members and staff welcomed us, even giving tours to those of us who might’ve asked.

Bill Market provided a history of his family business; Miller Ferry. He also shared beautiful photographic insight into how the ferry services is operated.   The speaker and presentation was very interesting and well received.  

On behalf of HBYC members I want to thank the Rear Commodore Tim Kemerly for a fine event not only enjoyed by all but raved about!  A perfect kick off for the start of our 2019 boating season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

I look forward to seeing you all working on your boats and launching soon. Please feel free to reach out to me during this season and look for the fun schedule of planned events listed on the website. Click here —> I want to see more!

Membership Renewal Due March 31st!


A reminder that HBYC dues are must be received by 31 Mar 19.  You should have received a renewal form via email.  Dues payments after 31 Mar incur a 20% surcharge as shown on the renewal form.  If you are not renewing your membership, please email Brenda Marcks ( brenda@marcks.cc ) and let her know.

If you are considering not renewing, please consider carefully.  The benefits of the yacht club are many.  For example, if you are doing long distance cruising, our reciprocity agreements with other locations will save dockage fees usually paying back your club dues.

When renewing, please fill out the renewal form with any corrected or added information.  The information received is what populates our published roster; it is your responsibility to ensure it is correct.  If you've changed phone numbers, emails, dock assignments, boat, boat name, etc., please ensure these changes are passed on to Brenda so as to update the roster.  The current 2018 roster can be found under the members only area of the HBYC website.  If you're unsure your information is correct, please download from the members only area and verify.

Thank you for all you do for HBYC

Russell Marcks
Vice Commodore

March Commodore's Update

By Commodore Harvey Rickert

The 2019 Rendezvous was a great success despite the snowstorm.  Thanks to Vice Commodore Russell Marcks’ planning and watchful eye, and the members of our Yacht Club who make good things happen. Congratulations to everyone helping the Vice Commodore at the Rendezvous making it a great success.  It was great seeing everyone enjoying themselves, documented by Trustee Kevin Irwin’s great photographs. Which you can check out by clicking —-> here.

Ice build up on the break wall!

Ice build up on the break wall!

March is here and hopefully the weather will be changing soon and the ice will be melting on the break wall.

The good sign is I am already seeing people up at the Marina getting ahead of work on their boats and warming up at the Club House. Rear Commodore Tim Kemerly and his committees have been busy over the Winter: Nick Lewis (Power boat Coordinator), Art Harden (Cruising Director), Larry Hurst (Racing Director) and Pat Altherr , (Social Director) have worked together and planned a fun filled upcoming season. Check out the 2019 Schedule Events by clicking —> here.

Commodore, Harvey Rickert

Commodore, Harvey Rickert

Remember, It takes the volunteer members to make for a great season.  A little help makes big things happen.

Finally, I hope to see you at the Commodore’s Brunch on April 7, 2019 at the CIC (Catawba Island Club) launching a fun boating season, so join us and enjoy a great lunch and interesting speaker.

Clcik here for details —> 2019 Commodore’s Brunch


by Russell Marcks - Vice-Commodore

Well…like Christmas, another Rendezvous come and gone.  A Rendezvous that was both a bust and absolutely magnificent…all at the same time!

As everyone knows, January 18th through the 20th turned out to be a snow storm.  The threat of this snow storm forced most persons to travel on Friday, a rather decent travel day, rather than on Saturday, a day when one really didn’t need to be out on the road!  And then the fun began.

Mike Petsch sharing his experiences on his sailing trip from Iceland to Ireland.

Mike Petsch sharing his experiences on his sailing trip from Iceland to Ireland.

On Sunday evening, our speaker made the decision to cancel his engagement due to weather.  Harvey and I worked at a replacement speaker and found one…only to find he was unable to come.  Of course, I had suggestions and offers from several persons as to what we could do to save our Rendezvous including Hank’s ‘Survival at Sea’ presentation and Tim’s Rear Commodore report regarding next summer’s activities…but no primary speaker.  As we gathered in the Big Bear Saloon on Friday evening, you may imagine, I had concerns for Saturday’s festivities!  Then Art Harden approached me.  “Here’s the deal Russ…Mike Petsch has a slide show for his sailing trip from Iceland to Ireland.  He’s willing to do that”.  Thanks guys…you saved my butt.  And Mike, you may have ended up as our third choice, but there is no doubt in my mind you were our best choice!  But things didn’t end there!

Saturday morning, I welcomed George Harizal as he arrived at Sawmill.  But I wasn’t to fond of his welcome!  “Sorry Russ, I just talked to the band leader.  They’re not coming!”.  

Commodore Don Petsch recognizes incoming Commodore Harvey Rickert during the change of watch ceremony.

Commodore Don Petsch recognizes incoming Commodore Harvey Rickert during the change of watch ceremony.

AAARRGGHHH!!!!  Here we go again!  But in the end, that worked out well.  It just so happened I signed up for a free Spotify account some weeks prior.  George was able to get me the band’s playlist.  With a quick self-taught lesson on how to setup a playlist in Spotify, I created such a list for the evening dance.  Then, George braved the elements, went back home and brought his speakers.  You know the one’s, the same speakers he uses when the Vermilion concert band plays at the marina.  Now we’re set and the rest is history!

Mike gave us a phenomenal presentation, Harvey conducted a great Trustees meeting, my lovely wife helped me decorate the dance hall, Teresa Bonica, the Sales Manager at Sawmill stepped in to replace her bartender who couldn’t make it (Yes!  We were almost without a bartender!), and the evening went off without a hitch.  Well…there were two Hitch’s, but they were quite welcome. 

Brenda Marcks, The Petsch Sisters, and Janell Lundgren prepare for the big USO dance.

Brenda Marcks, The Petsch Sisters, and Janell Lundgren prepare for the big USO dance.

I’ve received many accolades for making this happen, but the real thanks go to Mike, George, Hank, Tim, and everyone else who helped, no matter how small the contribution.  During all of this, Harvey said to me, “Don’t worry Russ, I’ve never known this group to NOT have a good time!”.  He was right.  So let us all take a bow for making this a great Rendezvous.

Check out all of the great photos from the 2019 Winter Redezvous by clicking here —> 2019 Winter Rendezvous Gallery.

SAVE THE DATE: 2019 Commodore's Brunch

Commodore Harvey Rickert and the Bridge invite you to the 2019 HBYC Commodore’s Brunch...the ‘Official Start’ of our sailing season.  

This year’s brunch is hosted by the Catawba Island Club (CIC). We have a great menu and a great program. Following brunch, we will have a talk on the history and operations of Miller Ferries by Bill Market.

When: Sunday, April 7th
Time: 1130AM to 2PM
Where: CATAWBA ISLAND CLUB (CIC) 4235 E. Beach Club Rd Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
RSVP by March 23rd: To Tim Kemerley by at tkemerley1@woh.rr.com or calling 937-623-2762,

The cost for all of this is $25 per person (includes tax and gratuity).  Reservations are required, so RSVP soon…seating is limited. Please send checks made out to “HBYC” to Pete Rao, 6699 Hounds Run Dr., Medina, OH 44256.

Click here for more details—-> 2019 Commodore’s Brunch

Akron Sail & Power Squadron Offer Class in Cuyahoga Falls


The Akron Sail & Power Squadron (ASPS) will conduct the “CRUISING AND CRUISE PLANNING” course starting Wednesday, March 6, 7:00PM, at Cuyahoga Falls High School, 2300 4th Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH.  The classes run from 7 to 9 PM each Wednesday evening for 10 weeks. The class is open to the public.  

Novice and experienced boaters alike will gain the confidence and practical boating skills needed to explore ports and coves for a weekend or longer cruise.

“Cruising and Cruise Planning” focuses on the planning and preparation necessary for safe,enjoyable extended cruises on both inland and coastal waters.  Designed for boaters who cruise on either a sail or powerboat (owned or chartered)—this course covers the following topics: 

• Cruise preparation and planning - General

• Boat and Equipment

• Anchors and Anchoring

• Security

• Chartering

• Cruising Outside the United States

• Crew and Provisioning

• Voyage Management

• Communications

• Navigation

• Weather

• Emergencies

We are also planning guest speakers with various cruising experiences.

For information, contact Jan Holmes at janrholmes@att.net or 330-256-0267.  Registration is at http://akronpowersquadron.com/wp/events/1692/cruising-and-cruise-planning-copy/

The course fee for non-members of ASPS is $125, of which $65 can be applied to membership.  The fee includes a 116 page United States Power Squadron® (USPS) “Cruising and Cruise Planning” student manual.

Akron Sail & Power Squadron was organized in 1939 and is an affiliate of the United States Power Squadron, the world’s largest private, non-profit boating organization.


Learn about the United States Power Squadrons at www.usps.org


Learn more about the Akron Sail & Power Squadron at www.akronpowersquadron.com . 


Akron Sail and Power Squadron – Summit County’s Boating Safety and Education Organization.Celebrating 80 years of boating education and camaraderie 


“Come for the Boating Education...Stay for the Friends.”

Winter Rendezvous Deadline Extended to January 4th


Good news for all!

The 'old man' thought we were doing so well in volunteering for duty for our 18-20 Jan Rendezvous event, he decided to extend the deadline to allow even more persons to participate!  The deadline is extended to 4 Jan, but that's it, no further extensions can be granted!

But you are in luck...if you've decided you should have signed up but didn't, now's your final chance .  Take advantage of your leave time to help us celebrate!

Click here for the full registration package.  It is important that you reserve your room AND let Russ Marcks know ASAP (via email if necessary) so he can ensure enough food for all.

HBYC wants you...

..to attend our annual Winter Rendezvous.  Monday, Dec 31 is the last day to register for this event.  If you haven't done so, there is plenty of room left in the barracks and the mess hall will have more than enough food for everyone.  Join your friends to enjoy the winter program of:

  • Friendship and Comradery

  • A presentation of the first Great Loop navigation

  • Our annual Change of Watch Ceremony

  • The HBYC USO dance

You can call the Officer of the Day at Sawmill Creek or make an online reservation,

Click here to access your orders and instructions.

Be there or be square!