Sailboat Racing for All

HBYC has a sailboat-racing program with four major events scheduled in 2019. To see a flyer of our 2019 events click —> here.

June 9th -Cruiser Fun Race (CFR1)
July 6th –Stein Hospice (RITB)
August 17th - Cruiser Fun Race in the Bay (CFR2)
September 14th – Robby’s Voice Regatta (RVR)

Our racing fleet spans a wide range of boats and crew experience, but all share the desire to have fun and improve sailing skills. Each boat is rated by a performance handicap racing formula to even the competition.  The club's races take place on weekends, sailing various courses around Sandusky Bay.  Opportunities are available for other Inter-Lake Yachting Association sanctioned races.


June 9th - Cruiser Fun Race (CFR1)     
      CFR1 - Notice of Racing
CFR1 - Racing Instructions
CFR1 - Race Results


July 6th - Stein Hospice (RITB)
      RITB - Notice of Racing
      RITB - Sailing Instructions
RITB - Race Results

August 17th - Cruiser Fun Race (CFR2)
CFR2 - Notice of Racing
CFR2 - Sailing Instructions
CFR2 - Race Results

September 14th – Robby’s Voice Regatta (RVR)
       RVR - Notice of Racing
RVR - Sailing Instructions
RVR - Race Results

To register for any race, download the Race Registration Form to your desktop.  Use your favorite pdf reader such as Adobe Reader to fill out the form.  Save it back to your desktop and email it to the Race Committee Chairman by clicking here —> Larry Hurst.

Racing Registration Form                              


Skipper's meetings are usually held at 10:00 A.M. in the HBYC club house on race day.  The start time for each event is published in the Notice Of Race and may be adjusted as conditions require. We try to manage our races so boats and crews are in the dock by 5:00 P.M. on Saturdays and 3:00 P.M. on Sundays. If you are interested in crewing or learning more, come to a skipper's meeting on race days and volunteer to crew on a boat ( skippers are always looking for crew ) or contact Race Committee Chairman by clicking here —-> Larry Hurst.